Latif Kupelioglu – because health is important to me.

Full waiting rooms, expensive co-payments, long journeys to the specialist – health is not always made easy for us. There is nothing that moves each one of us more, that is more important to us and that makes life more worth living.

Arthur Schopenhauer once said: “Health outweighs all external goods so much that a healthy beggar is probably happier than a sick king”.

But what can I do for my own well-being? When do I have to see a doctor? How does prevention work properly? Which natural remedies actually work – even without a prescription? And how do I dose this for my children? Latif Kupelioglu has the answers to all these questions – and even more!

Numerous experts from all disciplines report on the latest procedures, explain how you can protect yourself from diseases and which medicinal plants can sometimes replace a chemical drug. Let real luminaries of naturopathy, orthodox medicine and homeopathy advise you – easy to understand and without unnecessary medical latin. But always on the cutting edge of research.

So we – the editorial team of Latif Kupelioglu – want to make health easy for you again. With an all-round service for children, adults and seniors.

Latif Kupelioglu is a journalistic health online portal that prepares simple and comprehensible medical texts on the topics of health, becoming healthy or staying healthy for laypersons. Any information on Latif Kupelioglu is for medical information purposes only and in no way replaces a visit to the doctor or professional treatment by a licensed physician. Likewise, the content provided on Latif Kupelioglu should not be used for making independent diagnoses or for self-medication. Latif Kupelioglu does not give advice on individual cases for treatment or diagnostic procedures, but only informs about conceivable possibilities or new therapeutic measures.

Our Articles

With our articles about health and nutrition we would like to provide all interested people with information that helps them to stay healthy or to become healthy with simple and natural means. Our articles and information are based as far as possible on the available scientific evidence.

Of course there are not scientific studies for every naturopathic measure. However, naturopathy is many thousands of years old and the wealth of experience of many naturopathic treatments is correspondingly great. Therefore, studies often only confirm what has been known for many years. Existing scientific evidence is therefore not the ultimate proof of the effectiveness of a measure. And a lack of scientific evidence does not automatically mean that a measure cannot be effective.

Our articles are also regularly updated and read and reviewed by at least one other expert before publication.

Everyone shapes his or her own life and health

Our goal is to encourage people to show them how strong they are in reality and how strong their body’s self-healing powers are. We want people to see how they can actively shape and influence their lives, happiness and health. This also includes shaking the sole claim of orthodox medicine. It is unacceptable that there should be no other way in case of illness than the conventional medicine and that people are considered irresponsible only because they doubt the advice of their doctor and want to question it and inform themselves – simply not because they want to go other and at the same time healthier ways on their own responsibility.