Exploring Scarborough Ontario

You must have seen it in Canada.

Canada is considered one of the most popular destinations for motor home travel. Endless expanses of untouched nature and the possibility to spend the night spontaneously almost anywhere make every camper’s heart beat faster. In addition, there are a lot of exciting sights, as they only exist in city of Scarborough Ontario. To make it easier for you to plan your camping trip through Canada, we have collected some helpful tips for you here. But where to start? The long distances in Canada make it almost impossible to see everything during a single trip. As a little help we have therefore prepared a small overview of the most beautiful places and regions in Canada.

The most important sights at the east coast

Canada’s Atlantic east coast is divided into the states of Quebec, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Quebec is also bordered by the state of Ontario, which is usually part of the Canadian East. It is there, in Ontario, that the most famous natural wonder of Canada is located: the Niagara Falls. Huge amounts of water plunge from almost 50 metres into the depths here. Visitors get the best view from the two towers called “Skylon” and “Minolta”, each more than 200 meters high.

If you love the view from high places, your next destination should be Toronto, the capital of Ontario. Toronto is definitely worth a visit, if only for the CN Tower, the second tallest building in the world. From a height of 553 metres, one can enjoy a unique view. Those who also want to experience the Canadian culture during their camping trip will find Quebec and its capital Montreal just right. With more than 500 concerts a year and the Montreal Jazz Festival, the city is considered to be the cultural heart of the country. In addition to the many musical highlights, the city is home to some impressive buildings. These include, for example, the Basilica Notre-Dame. The Museum of Civilization in Hull in the south of Quebec is also recommended as a special travel tip.

The Central States of Canada – Pure Nature

Along the 7,800 kilometer long Trans Canada Highway the route leads from the through the middle states. These include Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The Canadian Route 66 also passes the Gros Morne, Banff and Yoho National Parks. But between the few small towns and the parks there are sometimes hundreds to thousands of kilometres full of wheat fields and lonely nature. This is perfect to push all the stress of the big city far away.

The journey from the east coast to the west coast alone takes longer than a month with one or the other stop. So if you want to travel the whole country, you have to bring some time with you.

A lot of variety at the west coast

The west coast of Canada consists of the two states Yukon and British Columbia, which could not be more different. The Yukon borders in the northwest on Alaska and is considered with its large landscape as a single, large national park. British Columbia, on the other hand, with its capital Vancouver, is the cultural centre of the West. On Vancouver Island, one can enjoy culture and culinary delights in the city of Victoria. The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve also promises unforgettable impressions. The paradise for surfers is the small town of Tofino on the coast. On the mainland in Vancouver, Stanley Park enchants with its pleasant tranquillity in the middle of the city. If you want to change to skis in the evening after surfing on Vancouver Island in the morning, British Columbia is not far away. The Whistler-Blackcomb region, one of the world’s largest ski resorts, is less than two hours north of Vancouver.

There’s almost nothing in Canada that doesn’t exist. Beautiful nature, imposing buildings and open-minded people make Canada the perfect destination for a motorhome holiday. However, we recommend that you limit your camping holiday to one state only and enjoy the sights there. Otherwise, the trip cannot be enjoyed sufficiently. Only those who have several months can travel the whole country on the Trans Canada Highway without missing anything.

Vacation with the camper in Canada – Adventure for the whole family
Most campsites in Canada have their own program for families, but nature is never far away. In the big cities, you can always visit a large theme park. Toronto is a good starting point for a family trip through Canada’s east. Especially for children, Lake Ontario is an experience with its many beautiful campsites and beaches. There are also a number of parks, for example in Vaughan, a suburb of Toronto.

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